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Often we ride without tangible rewards. We push hard, unwatched by any audience. We get those "this is why" moments and experience them with our friends, out there on the bike with us, or store them for personal recollection. Once we’ve crested the climb we might have a coffee, sharing stories of the struggle or success and satisfaction. There’s a lot out there to explore. Here’s to cycling in all weathers. Here’s to new trails and new roads. Here’s to the ride.

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    Fast, slick, and offering unparalleled performance and comfort, the women’s-specific T.laaLalai_S7 Women set a new gold standard in female cycling short design.



    Matchless performance and flawless comfort. The H.laalalaiShorts_s7 feature the best materials and the smartest female-specific design to ensure these padded cycling shorts rise to the occasion on the toughest rides.



    For the most demanding riders; for the cruellest summer heat; for when nothing but your best will do. The SS.laaLalaiJersey_evo8 sets a new standard in the ASSOS women’s jersey range.



    A pared back, jersey-like jacket that provides improbable levels of warmth and protection, this is our women’s winter winner. Nothing outperforms this.

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    For riders who will stop at nothing: the bonkaJacketLaalalai comprises the best materials and the brightest design in order to keep the worst of winter at bay.


    LS skinFoil winter evo7

    A long-sleeved ASSOS skinFoil base layer is the ultimate foundation for winter cycling.


    habuTightsLaalalai s7

    Full-length cycling tights in a women’s-specific cut. Make the most of the season with the habuTightsLaalalai s7.



    A fundamental item of winter kit, our bonka gloves are cold condition riding gloves designed to prevent heat loss while retaining dexterity.

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    Shorts Stories
    Trofeo Binda

    The third round of the UCI Women’s WorldTour took place on 18th March...