SINCE 1976


Transforming the rider has been the driving ambition of ASSOS of Switzerland since 1976, when Toni Maier set foot in a Zurich wind tunnel to test his radical new design: a bike frame featuring teardrop-shaped tubes and a bullhorn handlebar. The prototype went on to become the world’s first aerodynamic carbon fiber bicycle frame, and more importantly, it served as a catalyst for identifying the real drag-inducing culprit: cycling apparel. Maier recalibrated, set on improving the materials riders were putting on their bodies. He looked at skiing for inspiration, drawn to the race suits being worn by the Swiss national team. He adapted the concept to cycling, developing the first Lycra shorts and anatomical skinsuit in the process. ASSOS was born.
Word quickly spread through the peloton that a faster, lighter, more comfortable option had arrived, rendering pros’ wool shorts obsolete. Within just a few years ASSOS became the short of choice in the peloton, and at the 1982 World Championships the podium was swept by riders wearing ASSOS.


Maier moved his company to Southern Switzerland and became obsessed with textile R&D, pioneering many key innovations and bold concepts that have since become industry standards: The first sublimation of a cycling jersey. The first bib short. The first elastic interface cycling short insert. More recently ASSOS has engineered the first goldenGate seamless insert, and the first rollBar stability platform.


From exclusive textiles to radical constructions, bold, experimental design remains critical to the ASSOS method.

The sV.emergency's reflective half gilet design.

The EQUIPE's built-in Diffusor ventilation system.

Unapologetic and fearless in our approach, unmoved by commercial viability or price, we're resolute in this commitment to engineering the world's most technologically advanced equipment.


More than 44 years, 400 Olympic and World Championship medals, and 25 patents, ASSOS protocol remains steadfast: DESTROY. RESET. IMPROVE. Whether it's developing our own textiles, stress-testing prototypes with WorldTour athletes, or refining a product over the course of several years, the merging of total comfort and technical performance remains the ace—stitched into every item bearing the name ASSOS.


Since 1978 lab concepts have come to life under the wheels of the WERKSMANNSCHAFT, our advanced design group—split into two interconnected elements—whose role is to bring ideas from the future to today.


WERKSMANNSCHAFT ASSOS Creative Design Centre: A hand-selected internal group of riders with backgrounds in professional racing, product design, or engineering whom we use to test and develop ideas through all the stages of development—from initial idea to finished product.

WERKSMANNSCHAFT Pro: To complement the work of the WERKSMANNSCHAFT ACDC, we seek to partner with Federations and WorldTour teams with whom we hothouse future ideas and stress-test our products in the torture test of the professional peloton. The ultimate expression of this is our headline partnership with Team Qhubeka ASSOS.


SPONSOR YOURSELF is a challenge to the uninitiated and reminder to the committed. A two-word call to action that speaks to the ones who believe in the power of investing in themselves, the sport, and equipment that transforms the riding experience.