Denia, Spain. Early Tuesday morning. The crowd of riders and staff, huddled between the two BMC Racing Team trucks, slowly increases as the time ticks down to the start of another training ride. The bikes are prepared, photos are being taken, and the air is filled with a relaxed confidence. It is here that 2017 ends and 2018 begins. It is here that the work really begins for another year of racing.

With the new racing season on the horizon, BMC Racing Team are kicking off their year with the first get-together. Riders, soigneurs, mechanics, staff, media and sponsors, there’s a lot of greetings to be given. We are on-site to check in with the riders and present their new apparel for the year ahead.

Throughout 2017 we’ve had a continual relaying of feedback from the riders and staff, which we’ve woven back into the materials and the performance of the kit that we supply to them. What they’re now wearing out in Denia for their training rides is the next chapter of kit, designed to meet their high demands with a marked speed-focused aspect.

This training camp is one of the only times in the season where all of the riders are present, so we naturally take our time to check in with each one individually to make sure that we’re offering them the best apparel solutions for their needs.

From the Houdini, our all-new one-piece racing body that was trialled as a prototype at the Tour de France, to the Liberty, our groundbreaking thermal rain jersey, we’ve already developed some high-performance new pieces based on their direct feedback, so these Denia conversations are another opportunity to push the envelope with our designs.

Their kit for 2018 consists of 5 different weight jerseys, designed to run the gamut of the climates: from the heat of Australia to the chill of the Classics. If really bad weather hits during racing, they have access to an arsenal of competitive shells and jackets to keep them protected.

You may have seen our coverage whilst following the team in 2017, but the work that we do with them is focused on much more than just race day. Our selection of apparel that we’ve supplied them with has a main focus on their training — we know that it’s only after this stint of training here in Denia that the real work takes place. The winter training kit is so crucial for when they go back to Belgium, to Switzerland, and to chillier climes, to prepare for the Classics and such.

We’re with them every kilometre of the hard graft, every pedal stroke, every session. Through the winter snow to the spring rain, the heat of the summer and the chill of autumn, we’ve got them covered and we’re there, supporting them every step of the way.