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NS.neoproJersey_evo7 Flanders

Jersey, Jacket, Vest, Shell - Male

Jersey, Jacket, Vest, Shell - Male


XS 90 cm
S 96 cm
M 100 cm
L 102 cm
XL 110 cm
XLG 116 cm
TIR 118 cm





Our sleeveless jersey for summer training rides or indoor riding. Combine it with a shortsleeve Baselayer or wear it directly on your skin on hotsummer days (don't forget the sunscreen!).

What is it?
The ns (no sleeves) neoprojersey is built on the same platform as the short-sleeve variants but without sleeves and with a shorter, lowervolume neck.

ALS Climarange
summer, hot summer, indoors.

How to use it?
Initially invented to create a new als layering concept: start with a shortsleeve baselayer, then slip the ns.neopro over it. this combination gives you a better fit, less volume, and less restriction on your shoulder and armpit area. In hotsummer temperatures, as the sole layer on your skin (in combination with sunscreen on your arms).

The construction
new, clever low-volume safety pocket construction inside the pockets.

Campionissimo AEPD
less restrictive than the superleggera sleeveless jersey.

The key fabric our type.197 fabric is unique. It is made of 100% recycled eu pet, an eco-friendly product, which makes it part of the assos corporate azi (assos zero impact) program.

Great designs, innovative ecofriendly textile technology combined with a new als approach makes the ns.neopro an intelligent product proposition that fulfills a purpose.

89% PA, 10 % PES, 1% EA