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Assos textile laboratory

ASSOS Textile Laboratory Lugano, a division of ASSOS of Switzerland SA, comprises a network of textile engineers and technicians. It specializes in developing fabrics for ASSOS’ exclusive cycling applications. Most ASSOS fabrics are developed specifically to meet the unique demands of cycling. They are not commercially available, but manufactured exclusively for, and together with, ASSOS Textile Laboratory Lugano. The ASSOS Textile Laboratory Lugano fabric archive contains over 3,500 different fabrics.

350 years of combined knowledge in creating anatomical, function-driven cycling apparel

At the ASSOS Competence Center in Ticino, Switzerland, members of the R&D Laboratory share over 350 years of expertise in cycling apparel.

A.E.P.D. Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design

ASSOS’ knowledge, experience and philosophy on tailoring garments to function in the cyclist's position. ASSOS garments contour your body, protecting it without applying pressure when you are on your bicycle. High-tech fabrics are useless if cut badly! AEPD combined with specially developed ASSOS textiles optimizes muscle compression, reduces muscle fatigue and increases endurance.


ASSOS designed and incorporates a specially shaped panel at the front of the shorts to reduce fabric bunching when in a tuck position. Limiting unwanted movement at the front of the insert also results in an improved fit and less friction. ASSOS invention = today's industry standard!

No pressure elastic

New tailoring design for the elastic leg gripper. Instead of hiding the elastic leg gripper inside the leg of the shorts, ASSOS added it on the outside to become a visible feature. The elastic remains more elastic and applies less pressure on the muscle. ASSOS invention = today's industry standard!


An elastic microfiber mesh inserted between the bib braces prevents the braces slipping while improving the overall fit of the shorts. The mesh insert covers a large part of the back and increases evaporation, keeping you drier. ASSOS invention = today's industry standard!

AEPD II Advantages

Anatomically contoured. Wrinkle free. Total freedom of movement. Enhanced performance and breathability through perfect fit. More aerodynamic, less volume, more compact, less weight. Lets you look your best.

Elastic Interface Technology

25 years after ASSOS invented the first Lycra cycling shorts (1976), Elastic Interface Technology marked ASSOS’ second revolution in technical cycling shorts. Developed by ASSOS Engineering, in close collaboration with CyTech SRL, the elastic short insert perfectly follows the body in motion, expanding and contracting with every pedal stroke, to eliminate the friction that causes irritation and skin rashes. Designed to provide maximum comfort and performance, so perfect for long, demanding rides.

The Elastic Interface trademark and logo belong to Cytech SRL. Beware of imitations! Choose only cycling shorts with approved, original, “Elastic Interface Technology” written inside. ASSOS shorts are imitated but never equalled. A fact we are not only proud of, but strive to uphold.

Project Starbust

Project Starbust, the fastest cycling bodysuit on the face of the earth. R&D was conducted to minimize air resistance, decrease fatigue and improve power. A product of the ASSOS Textile Laboratory. In 2004, the Olympic Games returned to Greece. Swiss Federation athletes, wearing Starburst, won three medals.