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Monobrand stores

The ASSOS mono brand stores offer the complete ASSOS collection as well as all ASSOS services. They strive to give you the ultimate ASSOS shopping experience. Find out more about these store on their own websites.


The ASSOS ProShops are our most committed ASSOS retailers that have proven their excellence in selling our products. Here you can find the majority of ASSOS products, all presented in a separate ASSOS shop-in-shop space. Their sales staff is specially trained by ASSOS to give detailed information on all our products and the best possible service.

Point of sale

The ASSOS Point of Sale shops are selected retailers selling a wide selection of ASSOS products. They can offer you advice on the proper use and fit of all our products, as well as detailed information on how to dress using our climaranges.

Factory outlet

The ASSOS Factory Outlets sell both discontinued, first choice, products as well as pieces with minor defects, at prices that offers great savings. Many of the products have been bestsellers in the past and if not for a successor model being released they would still be the technical benchmark.