Bieles - Luxembourg

World Cyclo-Cross Championships

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World Cyclo-Cross Championships

We had two of our partners competing in the 2017 World Cyclo-Cross Championships, the USA Cycling Team and the Swiss Cycling Team. Held in Bieles/Belvaux in southern Luxembourg, the backdrop for the race could not have been more fitting to encapture the gritty nature of the course.
Congratulations to all of the riders from the two teams.
Here is a look back at the race through the lens of our two on-site photographers, who’ve captured the essence of cyclo-cross.

Some argue that cyclo-cross is one of the toughest forms of cycle sport. Others see cyclo-cross as an off-road crit, where every second of the race has an impact on the final result.

For us though, cyclo-cross is the ultimate winter sport that tests riders to their limits.