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The AWagon

We realize our pursuit for perfection might seem lofty, or even maniacal to some, so that’s why we’ve created our mobile pop-up: the AWagon. This mobile ASSOS pro-shop will be touring the Western States of the US throughout 2017. It’ll be the travelling point-of-contact for all things ASSOS, and all things cycling. Much more than just a curated showroom of ASSOS apparel, the AWagon is an open dialogue with our favorite sport, with topics on the agenda like product refinement, where to ride and who's going to dominate the peloton in 2017.This isn’t just cycling. This is the A-moment.

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May 14 - Tour of California
May 27 to 31 - Trail House | Santa Rosa California
June 10 - Annually East West Bikes Anniversary Challenge | Fullerton California
June 13 to 16 - Summer 18 ASSOS Dealer Event | Park City Utah
June 19 - Contender Bike Shop Event | Salt Lake City Utah
June 22 to 25 - Competitive Cyclist Super Clinic - Salt Lake City Utah
June 26 - ASSOS Women's MTB Clinic | Salt Lake City Utah
July 1 & 2 - REDBULL MEDIA: Rebecca Rush Blood Road Showing​ | Los Angeles California

This is us in a new guise – this is how ASSOS takes 40 years of the pursuit of excellence and innovation on tour, sharing our innate love of riding a bike.

Riders from across the board, from pros to weekend warriors, families, fabric aficionados, performance gain-seekers, coffee-lovers, heritage-hunters, everyone’s invited on board.