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ProfBlack Collection

Black is the colour of secrecy, a colour we reserve for clandestine moments shared between you and your bike, when you want nothing more than to slip outside stealthily, clip in and ride undisturbed on your chosen roads.

It’s no secret here at ASSOS that a substantial number of professional riders choose to wear our apparel for their winter training. But breaching contracts isn’t a decision they make on the fly; it’s a question of choosing to wear apparel that gives them the ultimate performance when they are riding in the harshest conditions. We don’t refute these big sum sponsorship contracts; it’s their choice to ride in ASSOS, a choice that embodies our ethos: sponsor yourself.

We dedicate our profBlack collection to these pros who want ride in anonymity, stealthily clad in black, riding unnoticed.
Their training doesn’t have to suffer just because the weather takes a turn for the worst. There is no longer a need for these undisclosed pros to furtively remove labels and tags – we have helped them with this by using black on black logos.
It’s time for our all-black collection: profBlack.

It’s the colour for riding under the radar, covertly cornering and climbing, evading the curious gaze of the public.

profBlack is not exclusively reserved for pros. Doesn’t everyone deserve to ride under the radar once in a while? Are you profBlack?