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A second-skin winter jacket built for training in cold conditions, the johDah equips you with the breathable insulation that actively regulates temperature and moisture-management based on your level of exertion.

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Behind the product
Maybe the aeroFit of our summer-weight RS series spoiled us, but we find the bulky, ill-fitting jackets available for winter cycling unacceptable. Realizing our race-fit ambitions required an all-new line of warm and weatherproof softshells, we developed the SPHERE series, which replace our Stratagon line. Various weights of SPHERE panels arrayed throughout the jacket’s body create a winter-worthy second skin that responds to exertion and motion by breathing and regulating internal temperature. During easy efforts, the jacket warms; as effort ramps up, so does breathability and ventilation, maintaining a comfortable, dry microclimate, regardless of exertion and the external conditions. The johDah reacts to you like a literal second skin, as though it’s an actual part of your body. The aeroFit tailoring does nothing to disabuse you of that impression.

Technology overview

The finer details


SPHERE membranes carry the bulk of duties with waterproof, windproof panels of varying insulation levels and stretch, but a key supporting cast drawing from our OSMOS thermal line and the 3L ZigZaggy Foam ensure breathable warmth in areas that aren’t exposed to the elements.

Our aeroFit is mapped to WorldTour bodies for the most aerodynamic, aggressive fit we’ve ever produced—restrictive on foot, but second-skin sleek in the saddle. Through the magic of textile engineering and targeted paneling, we’ve ensured that shielding against the elements no longer means sloppy tailoring.