SS24 System: UMA GT C2 EVO

Breathability and streamlined comfort. The GT Jersey C2 EVO in Titan Green, matched with the GTV Bib Shorts C2 EVO, GT Socks C2, Summer NS Skin Layer P1, and DONZI performance eyewear.


UMA GT Jersey C2 EVO

USD 145.00
An endurance cycling jersey with a streamlined fit, breathable construction, and frictionless raw-cut sleeves, re-engineered with lighter construction and less restriction.
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UMA GTV Bib Shorts C2 EVO

USD 290.00
The new pinnacle of the UMA GT endurance line, the GTV is re-engineered for added freedom and comfort during the longest rides. GTV is defined by a quick-release bib strap system, silky-smooth compression, and our plushest women’s insert.
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Women's Summer NS Skin Layer P1

USD 85.00
The next evolution of the hypercooling, ultrabreathable Summer Skin Layer, re-engineered to be more elastic, more breathable, and 15% lighter. The sleeveless design eliminates layering bulk beneath second-skin, race-tuned jersey sleeves.
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GT Socks C2

USD 20.00
A classic cycling sock, updated with functional technology for cooling and support and a slightly longer cuff for a clean, current aesthetic.
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DONZI Eyewear - WodooBlue

USD 270.00
A new eyewear platform that sharpens colors and reduces glare while providing 100% UV protection. Vents for cooling airflow and a large coverage area make the DONZI ideal for high-intensity riding in aggressive racing positions.
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