UMA GTV Winter Bib Tights C2

USD 530.00
The pinnacle endurance platform, engineered for cold, winter conditions with our plushest long-distance insert, our most insulating RX textile, stormproof paneling, convenient bib strap release, and targeted impact protection.

59% Polyamide 22% Polyester 18% Elastane 1% Polyethylene

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Behind the product
The all-new GTV Winter Bib Tights C2 are the ultimate solution for winter conditions. The biggest change is the incorporation of impact pads on the hips, which ride beneath panels of the abrasion-resistant dyneRope. That textile and the impact pad technology are both adapted from our off-road TRAIL equipment to help take injury out of the insult of slippery winter roads. We also incorporated our warmest DWR-treated RX as the main body textile, supplementing it with stormproof softshell protection on the core, and Waterbarrier panels wrap the lower legs for total protection against road spray. Finishing details enhance comfort and convenience. The new UMA C2 Ultra Distance insert provides the plushest vibration-absorbing platform in the UMA and DYORA lines, and the innovative bisiClick system enables easy, intuitive bib strap release.

Technology overview

The finer details


The body textile is an all-new thermal warp knit, the 350g/m² RX EVO Extreme. It’s our warmest brushed textile, and it incorporates a four-way stretch to maintain full motion in the saddle. It also prioritizes a dry microclimate with breathability and a DWR treatment. The central core panel is protected by our perforated Sphere Ultra Hole 2L softshell. It’s windproof and waterproof, and it’s also the lightest, most breathable model in our Sphere family, which is patented and engineered in our Textile Laboratory Lugano.

Our streamlined regularFit provides total comfort for longer rides, and the rollBar bib strap suspension system maintains stability while pedaling and cornering. Each leg panel features our Louvre Tec construction, which tapers to the exact shape of your legs for a custom compressive wrap.

Twin magnetic closures anchor the bib straps. Intuitive to connect and release, but secure enough to prevent unintentional unclasping.

ImpactorTec T3:
Updated for the GTV Winter system, combining 7mm of flexible viscoelastic foam with an expanded protective footprint and kraterCooler technology for cooling airflow.

Water Barrier:
A thinner, more comfortable neoprene-like textile wraps the lower legs to repel water and create a seal with booties.

X-Frame / Rear Terminal:
A-frame suspension inherited from the DYORA RS line. Limits sag on the lower back, stabilizing the insert and main body panel during high-intensity riding.
The back of the insert is directly connected to the tights’ structural body seam, reducing volume and friction while increasing moisture management.
UMA GT Ultra Distance

Shock-Absorb Damping Twin19:
A dual-layer construction combining 9mm of high-density microShock foam with 10mm of fast-drying, ultralight filterFoam under the ischial bones, boosting stability and comfort in more upright endurance riding positions. Our plushest women’s insert.
UMA GT Ultra Distance

3D Waffle:
A patented, three-layer, perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.
UMA GT Ultra Distance

goldenGate 2.0:
The insert is attached at front and rear with floating sides and center, letting it move with your body rather than against it. New cut-outs on wings reduce volume and friction throughout the pedal stroke.
UMA GT Ultra Distance

Perforations strategically distributed throughout the insert, creating a whirlwind of cooling airflow instead of just a unidirectional breeze.


For cold winter conditions, pair with the GT HASHOOGI Winter Jacket C2 and appropriate ASSOSOIRES.


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Winter Cap

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