GTO Socks

USD 50.00
An all-new premium sock that defines elegant performance and endurance comfort with every pedal stroke on every ride, merging the concept of lightness and the sensation of coolness.

Feet: 80%PA 20%EA Ankle: 72%PA 28%EA

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Behind the product
Though shorts and jerseys get the most attention for comfort and performance, the humble sock wraps one of your body’s most important contact points with the bike—so we designed a performance endurance sock that’s anything but humble. We gave it the attention it deserves with a premium reengineering, incorporating silicone grip and our luxurious Sens ST fabric to elevate utility to art, setting the GTO Sock apart as a truly unique piece of cycling equipment.

Technology overview

The finer details


Sens ST on the cuffs combines gently wrapping compression with a touch of breathable, ultrasoft comfort. Traditional yarns across the foot provide breathability and support.

A printed silicone finish prevents wrinkling. The foot is engineered to breathe across the top and cushion the pedal stroke with light padding below the forefoot. The 15cm (6in) cuff height balances trend and tradition.

Raw Cut:

Lie-flat cuff finishes with a clean aesthetic instead of a ridge of hem.