DYORA RS S9 L39ION Replica Bib Shorts

USD 270.00
The new L39ION of Los Angeles racing graphics, printed on the premium DYORA Racing Series. Uncompromising design and aerodynamic compression in an ultralight, race-tuned platform.

80%Polyamide 20%Elastane

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Behind the product
The L39ION Replica Bib Shorts are built for racing, so the DYORA RS Bib Shorts S9 are the ideal platform. Developed with years of research, the DYORA RS adapts WorldTour feedback into women-specific racing equipment, leaving no design choice unexamined and no convention unchallenged. The shorts combine textiles and technology in an interwoven network of wrapping compression, silky comfort, and tensile pre-load to keep everything from the leg panels to the DYORA RS Insert securely in place – an uncompromising solution that strikes an impossible balance between aerodynamics, durability, and silky-smooth comfort.

Technology overview

The finer details


Type.441 is a gently compressive, silky smooth material that feels more abrasion-resistant than your typical bib short material because it is. It also actively cools while protecting against UV rays and resisting odor. Ossidia is a high-stretch material that maintains breathability while strategically relieving pressure on sensitive areas.

Our AEPD racingFit realized for bib shorts. Every fabric panel, strap, and stitch is engineered for stability, comfort, and second-skin performance. ASSOS shorts are legendary; this fit design is why.

A-Lock Engineering:

Our rollBar bib straps, modified ergoBox, and one-piece Butterfly panel join forces as your weight transfers in the saddle, ensuring frictionless comfort and stability during high-output efforts

Carbon Xbib:

An A-frame suspension design that limits vertical stretch in the rear, ensuring a confident fit and stabilizing the chamois and anchoring the A-Lock system. Dual-face Carbon material reduces drying time compared to the previous, single-side applications.

Ultralight Leg Grippers:

Lycra/elastane leg band structure naturally grips the thigh—free of silicone treatment—to deliver a smooth, ultralight hold.
DYORA RS insert

Antibacterial microfiber booster top sheet in 3D basalt colorway. Pays homage to the lava stone that gives us strength, stability, and courage.
DYORA RS insert

Shock-Absorb Damping System Mono 9:

Compressive foam materials in a 9mm racing platform. Thermoformed shaping reduces ridges and irritation.
DYORA RS insert


The stitching pattern anchors the front and back but lets the insert’s body float, allowing the chamois to move with your body rather than against it.
DYORA RS insert

3D Waffle:

A patented, three-layer, perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.