Cycling Bib Tights

MILLE GT Ultraz Winter Bib Tights

290,00 EUR
232,00 EUR
Our warmest, most protective regularFit bib tights, engineered to ensure no amount of weather interrupts your winter program.

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Behind the product
The MILLE GT Ultraz Winter Bib Tights are constructed with an arsenal of winterproof textiles to deliver unmatched levels of insulation, breathability, and weather resistance. We built upon the highly insulating platform that’s used in our standard Winter Bib Tights but then added a second layer to the exterior for more protection. Since weather can come from all sides, we charted 360º protection and comfort to ensure that the element-facing section of your legs and glutes remains protected from snow, rain, wind, and low temperatures, while the backs of the legs benefit from added breathability and comfort in this high-flex zone. To boost the Ultraz Bib Tights’ performance, we’ve pre-shaped and sewn the fabric panels to fully wrap and support the upper leg muscles, knees, and calves while in motion, where they flex with each pedal stroke.

Technology overview

The finer details


The RX Heavy brushed fabric is applied to the skin-facing side of the legs to provide exceptional comfort, wick moisture, add high levels of insulation, and remain extremely flexible. Its lighter-weight sibling, RX Light, provides light insulation and boosts comfort on the backs of the knees. Added as a second layer along the leg panels, NEOS ULTRA is a patented 2L windproof and highly breathable softshell constructed with a PU bonded membrane for added water-repellency.

The fit of the Ultraz Bib Tights falls into our regularFit category, which means they’re lightly compressive with their double-layer design, but not as tight as our racingFit apparel. This double layer twinDeck fabric construction boosts insulation and windproof properties by using a combination of NEOS ULTRA and RX Heavy textiles.