RSR Socks

A lightweight racing sock that cools, dries, and compresses for hours of premium support.



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Behind the product
Why we made it
Cooling and wicking are the minimum entry point for summer cycling socks, yet that’s where most manufacturers stop. Not us. Our RSR race socks feature literal medical grade compression, mechanically engineered arch support, and the subtle aesthetic flair of a contrasting band circling the shin.

Technology overview

The finer details


InfraRed Yarns are silky smooth and highly elastic. At 22mmHg, the material rates as 2nd class medical compression, a designation that quantifies improved blood circulation.

The 240-needle construction is seamless and race-sleek, eliminating friction both against the skin and as drag in the passing air.

Ribbed Arch: Though it’s not medically graded compression, the firm band circling the foot offers noticeable arch support and cooling.