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    How does the ASSOS warranty work?

    It is our aim to make you a happy cyclist. We therefore guarantee you total comfort. We can, however, not guarantee that our articles will last forever!

    We guarantee that purchased goods are of ASSOS-quality and will be replaced or repaired if found defective. At ASSOS we prefer to keep things simple, hence this translates into: "Any manufacturing defect you note on your article within the first three months from purchase. No questions asked; we simply repair or exchange it". One condition: Since ASSOS products are highly technological, specific guidance on their usage is essential; ASSOS therefore insists on selling its articles via cycling specialists only, and as a result, ASSOS only repairs and/or guarantees products bought from an authorized ASSOS point of sale. For this purpose, we request that all returned garments bear the name and address of the ASSOS Authorized Dealer and the date of purchase. A proof of purchase is mandatory (e.g. receipt, invoice, etc.).

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    What if a garment is older than 1 YEAR, i.e. is not covered by the ASSOS warranty anymore?

    If the article is in good conditions, we might be able to repair it, please get in touch with us and we will evaluate each case individually. Please be aware that in some instances we will not be able to repair the garment (e.g. material is worn out, etc.). ASSOS reserves the right to request a proof of purchase (e.g. receipt, invoice, etc.).

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    I have heard that you have a ‘crash-policy', how does it work?

    You have bought an ASSOS article, and on one of the first rides with it you crash and damage it... Don't get desperate, we will help you! Within 3 months from purchase, if it can be repaired, we will do so, and it will be free of charge (with the exception of damages to inserts and lenses).

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    I need help from Customer Service, what is the correct entry point?

    Please do the following
    Always refer to the Authorized Dealer where the ASSOS articles have been purchased
    If not possible (e.g. the Authorized Dealer is too far away), please refer to an ASSOS Authorized Dealer in your country of residence.

    In the unlikely case that the Authorized Dealer is not able to help you, you can contact the ASSOS Distributor in your country of residence.

    If there is no ASSOS Dealer or Distributor in your country of residence, please contact ASSOS Customer Service, prior to shipping any goods prior to shipping any goods.

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    What type of information will I be asked to provide when I get in touch with ASSOS Customer Service?

    We will need the following information

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Country of residence
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Date of Purchase
    • Address
    • Postal Code
    • Region/State
    • Problem description

    Please ship your ASSOS articles only after having established contact with the selected Customer Service counterpart (just to avoid you are shipping articles that cannot be repaired/substituted; in that case, also the return shipping will be at your expense) as per answer #4.

    In case you have been asked to ship your articles, please wash your ASSOS garments, mark the problem zone (sticker on pin), package the garment properly.

    If necessary (international shipments only) fill out the appropriate tag on the customs form; mention "used garment, return to factory for repair" and indicate a value of 30€.
    Send the parcel by registered mail or through a courier.
    The freight costs for sending the parcel to ASSOS are at your expense.