The tB.laalaLai women’s-specific monosuit embodies ASSOS style, heritage and engineering. A sophisticated one-piece cycling bib short married with a sleeveless top, the tB.laalaLai is designed for women who demand total comfort, functionality and performance. Produced in limited numbers, we’ve employed our soft, light, high-stretch Type A.430 fabric to give superior compression and refined and fine-tuned the cut to create a ‘click on’ women’s fit. A half gripper keeps the shorts in place, without applying too much pressure, and our award-winning FI. Lady_S5 insert is light, breathable and shaped to deliver maximum cushioning and comfort whether you’re racing for the riding, or simply cruising for pleasure. A rear, zip pocket keeps your valuables safe or can be used to store your jS.laalaLai jersey shell. Almost unrivalled in its versatility, this high performance one-piece delivers prime comfort and speed on your summer rides, or works as first layer as part of the ASSOS layering system when the temperature dips.
ASSOS women’s-specific S5 elastic interface insert. Type A.430 fabric: Soft, low volume, high-compression fabric that secures a snug fit. ASSOS Stabilizator V7: Knit mesh material with high tensile strength maintains stability and alignment. ASSOS patented half-leg gripper construction keeps the shorts in place without applying excessive pressure. Ergonomically shaped to follow the female anatomy when on the bike. Small zipped rear security pocket for your essentials or stowing your jS.laalaLai jersey shell. Composition: 58% PA, 17% EA, 25% PES
  • Performance
  • Compression
  • Breathability
  • Reflective

    nS.superLeggera Lady

    Perfect for hot summer days. In combination with additional layers, it can function as a gilet.



    Hot weather performance cycling gloves so that you retain complete control in summer conditions.



    The Super Leggera cycling socks are designed to work best in hot conditions as lightweight summer season socks with low cuffs.



    Amplify performance and comfort in warm conditions. An ultra-light cycling cap offering enhanced sweat transportation, thermo regulation, and sun protection.


    nS.superLeggera Lady

    Perfect for hot summer days. In combination with additional layers, it can function as a gilet.



    Matchless performance and flawless comfort. The H.laalalaiShorts_s7 feature the best materials and the smartest female-specific design to ensure these padded cycling shorts rise to the occasion on the toughest rides.


    Chamois crème woman 75 ml

    A must-use, ultra-luxe essential for every pre-ride ritual.



    For the most demanding riders; for the cruellest summer heat; for when nothing but your best will do. The SS.laaLalaiJersey_evo8 sets a new standard in the ASSOS women’s jersey range.

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