Spring, a season that’s so close we can already smell the flowers. That close relationship we made with our bonka jacket and tights over the winter months has already become somewhat distant, and now it’s the turn of our brand new MILLE GT and UMA GT lines to deliver that flexible approach so needed for the coming seasons to become your closest riding partners.

For spring/summer 2018 we’re launching two new collections. An expansion of our Equipment, Not Clothing mindset, they comprise everything necessary to make the most of the coming seasons. See them as your new everyday essentials for everything from your first ride to your next big ride.

For those first rides: There’s a bit of a disconnect between what we’re told we need on the bike and what we actually need. That’s why these collections are, at their most fundamental, a platform to make sure you’re always optimally attired whilst riding. The differentiating factor between each piece and its ideal climate—spring, summer and fall—comes down to the weight of the fabrics and the engineering of each product.

For those big rides: Whether you’re a week-in, week-out racer or just a seasoned rider, having a target race or event is what kept you riding hard over the winter. By braving all weather conditions to work towards your goal you’ve learnt the importance of winter apparel, but as we move into spring/fall and summer we’d argue you need to keep the same mindset about what you wear. This summer the MILLE GT jersey brings the requisite breathability and moisture transfer to any arduous ride, allowing you to reap the benefits of your dedication to winter riding.

For those early starts and cool morning rides:We know that the season ahead offers a unique challenge to riders as cool mornings can give way to hot afternoons. That’s why we’d suggest you pair a MILLE GT spring fall long sleeve jersey with the spring fall vest.

It’s a pairing designed to tackle the wide delta of conditions found in these transitional seasons and is a fine demonstration of the ASSOS Layering System. A stripped-back rework of the Falkenzahn, the MILLE GT spring fall vest is a high performance piece constructed to give crucial core warmth while still wicking moisture masterfully. It provides flexible easy comfort on your body, while its low volume and lack of bulk means speed isn’t forfeited. A brilliant piece of cycling kit for real world riding.

For those rides with plenty of climbing and descending: Altitude poses another fundamental challenge when thinking about what to wear whilst riding. Those hot climbs take you to cooler air, where moisture created by the effort of the ascent can easily chill on the descent. So if in doubt on any ride, the MILLE GT wind jacket will see you right. Supremely packable, this ergonomic piece of equipment is made with our high performance Foil Ultra fabric to make sure you scythe through the air with as little wind resistance as possible. Being windproof means it may be too light if you get caught in the storm, but it’s perfect to keep in your pocket when you go for those KOMs.

Another piece that really comes into its own in spring, summer and fall is the MILLE GT wind vest. Call it a lighter security provider when you know that chill in the air will be less at the summit of your climb, or you’ll be hitting the descent fast enough to keep warm. It’s one of those indispensable pieces of kit that will never let you down.

For those take-no-chances rides: Spring/fall is not summer, which means that rain can almost always be looming. When you want to take-no-chances on your ride the MILLE GT clima jacket comes in. It is our lightest bad-weather jacket to date, relying on our ultra-packable, water-repellent NoFrost textile. This resilient shell jacket is one of our highest performing pieces to date so you can now have the security of its poor-weather performance on every single ride.

Windproof, protective, and lightweight: the MILLE GT windproof range succeeds on all these scores.

Our UMA GT is a women’s capsule collection for warm weather cycling, comprised of essential ride-ready gear. Comfort might take precedence but there’s no mistaking the marked performance aspect within all of these pieces of apparel.

For the kind of rider who values versatility and ease of use, the UMA GT half shorts should be the first thing to grab from your wardrobe. Put together with performance in mind, these sport a trim, tailored fit and functional bibless design, which makes them ideal for the hottest summer days and the hardest training sessions. We’ve incorporated our all-new, women’s-exclusive UMA insert, cut slightly narrower at the front to reduce bunching and increase comfort.

The UMA GT short sleeve jersey is relaxed but far from lax. Relying on signature ASSOS technology, we’ve crafted a moisture-wicking go-to jersey for every occasion with the weight of a racing shirt, the comfort for touring, and the practicality of a daily commuter. Wear over a short-sleeve or sleeveless ASSOS skinFoil baselayer to achieve both UV protection.

For hill repeats to coffee runs, all-day epics and easy spins, the UMA GT has you covered. It’s a pairing that can be elevated with the addition of other products from our in-line collection to create failsafe outfits that will protect you in the changeable conditions of spring and fall.

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