What's the difference between an objective and a dream? The amount of time you prescribe yourself to achieve what you've set your mind on.

Our objective: Peerless comfort in the saddle with a pair of shorts that are capable of working for any rider, every ride, whatever the time of year.

The time frame: We will let you be the judge.

It might sound far-fetched, but comfort in the saddle shouldn't be underestimated. That's why a faultless fit is more than an aspiration; it's a basic requirement for our apparel.

Imagine riding at 90rpm for four hours; that's around 21,600 pedal strokes in total. Then imagine this scenario: your shorts aren't able to follow the fluidity of your pedaling, causing friction between you and the fabric. Not only is it damaging to your skin in the long run, but we doubt you'll enjoy the ride either.

Inside our Advanced Creative Design Center (AC/DC), the beating heart of innovation at the center of ASSOS, our technicians can recite tales of how cyclists have had ASSOS shorts recommended by doctors as a remedy for discomfort.

Whether you're riding for recreation, pleasure, or performance, we encourage every rider to go into a store and have a proper, thorough fitting. We'll never push to simply sell you a pair of shorts-we'll pick out a pair that meets your demands. The "prova secca," your dry run in the store, will confirm everything you've heard about ASSOS.

Shorts should be tight, even to the extent where you might think they've gone beyond what's reasonable. They probably haven't, but the sales staff will certainly let you know.

Offering riders the highest level of performance and quality with regards to cycling shorts has been a key part of the ASSOS identity since we started in 1976. The garment specialists and fabric cutters here have learned how to maximize the elasticity of our premium in-house-developed fabrics on the cutting table to ensure they contour the body while riding. Team those fabric insights with decades of unparalleled research into insert technology and you'll be left holding a pair of ASSOS shorts.

These are shorts that have written history. When a cyclist talks about a pair of Cento shorts, we instantly know that rider. What he likes and dislikes, the sorts of rides he enjoys, and the challenges he might set himself — everything that big corporations would spend years trying to data-mine. The Uno, the Equipe, the Mille, the Campionissimo, the Laalalai. These names have an identity, which is reflected between the ride, the rider, and his or her apparel. For us at the ASSOS HQ, there's something poetic about these names. Our aim is to always strengthen that association between the shorts and the rider. We think we're getting there.

In our experience, the term "long distance" can't be reserved for just one type of short - the solution to tackling long distances is our chamois creme. There's a reason it's our best-seller.

The S9 generation is in the closing stages, and the AC/DC is already formulating ideas for S11-although those won't materialize for at least half a decade. There's a lot of R&D that goes into the process; it's all done in-house, by hand, with rigorous testing to ensure we're meeting our aims: lightweight, less volume, less genital pressure, less friction, and a construction that facilitates improved movement in the saddle. Think of the number of pedal strokes per ride.

So, which shorts are you?

The Equipe
Your go-to shorts for training, long commutes, and racing.

The Equipe EVO
Built around the same S7 platform as the standard Equipe, these were launched in early 2018 and offer a marked performance elevation with increased ventilation and advanced features. See them as the precursor to the future S9 generation.

The Cento
Designed to offer endless comfort with a 2mm-plusher insert and luxe features. Choose these riding shorts for your long ride, your return to the saddle, or your treat to yourself.

The Mille
The ultimate in comfort and simplicity, the T.milleShorts_s7 are here for both the finish lines and the views. Entry-level for a fleeting moment, but with a performance that will see you wholly embrace the road.

The Campionissimo
Meet the cycling shorts of our dreams. With a racingFit cut, these offer a whole new level of second skin precision and are made from the specially created type.444 Kompressor to stretch the limits of performance. These are for the target race and the big day.

The Uma
Plush and practical, the Uma is a women's short for the first ride, the any old ride, or the big ride. Designed with a revised, narrowed insert when compared to the Laalalai, these half shorts double as home trainer and spin class go-tos.

The Laalalai
Matchless performance and flawless comfort, these are constructed with the smartest female-specific design to ensure they rise to the occasion on the toughest and most competitive rides.