Your pursuit of the ultimate gifts for the cyclist in your life ends here with our guide on how to dress for winter with nothing but the essential trimmings.

Indispensable pieces of insulating equipment

Introduce your closest riding buddy to the cycling tights and jacket that will keep them warm this winter. For when the weather is at its most frigid, our men′s and women′s demure bonKa jackets and tights are scrupulously designed to insulate, breathe and perform–as and when the conditions demand. With a built-in neck protector, a complex twinDeck fabric construction and durable water-repellency, these are superlative pieces of riding kit. The tights feature a weatherproof geoprene ankle to ensure no heat escape and no water enters. All-new for Winter 2017, our women′s Bonka jacket has already gained a serious seal of approval from ASSOS ambassador Juliet Elliott.

A piercing gaze

For razor sharp vision through a clear lens it has to be the Zehgo Crystal eyewear, engineered for cloudy, dull days and low light conditions. The cutting-edge, Carl Zeiss V-toric technology delivers a crystal clear view, and the revolutionary frameless, Zero Optimal Distortion zOd.Tec lens affords optimum clarity without fail. A must-use piece of kit for the serious rider who values pioneering design and sophisticated technology.

Give your relatives a nudge

Yes, you have worked hard enough to merit a sturmPrinz this Christmas. We′ve dubbed it the failsafe insurance policy for your back pocket and this isn′t just hype. Constructed with our proprietary Triton waterproof and breathable fabric, the sturmPrinz is a racingFit piece of equipment designed to exceed everyone′s expectations. Even ours.

Easy, steady, recovery

Make the most of your downtime with our ultra-luxe apparel for when you′re not on the bike. The felpaJack and felpaPants have a relaxed fit and cosy feel so that your muscles get treated to a necessary sort of recovery while you kick back this festive season. This jacket and trouser combination work equally as well while travelling to races and pulling on for podium appearances as they do when rustling up a high carb dinner at home.


Even we aren′t immune to the charm of #sockdoping. Our monogramSocks are right up there with the best of them. Designed for summer riding conditions, these will generate a serious dash of style for the recipient this Christmas.

Using soft merino wool to provide warmth in raw conditions, our habuSock means your feet need never be cold again. Built to excel in early winter cycling conditions (or simply milder winters), these are the first step towards enjoyable cold weather cycling, as the natural fibres of the merino wool outperform synthetic alternatives to maintain superior thermal properties even when wet.

The warmest socks in the ASSOS arsenal, our Bonka cycling socks are suited to those whose riding is paramount regardless of the conditions. Made from a mixture of selected merino wool yarns to absorb moisture, these high performance cycling socks will keep your feet cosy and dry even in extreme weather. Content to ride into the depths of winter, the cold-weather Bonka socks promote blood circulation and prevent heat loss.

Hands on

As hands bear the onslaught of bad weather, bonKa gloves are an essential item, designed to prevent heat loss and protect from the cold and rain while maintaining sensitivity. Road spray and rain simply run off these high-performance gloves rather than saturating them while the low profile neoprene cuff locks in warmth.

While it′s not an exhaustive list of gifts, we think it′ll get you off to a rolling start. An unflinching pursuit of performance and functionality underpin every single ASSOS product so for those on the hunt for stocking fillers that are guaranteed to etch a smile onto the faces of your friends and family, our premium bike bottles along with our invaluable arm warmers, socks and headwear are a safe bet for sheer satisfaction this festive season.

Have A Good Ride!