Cookie Policy

  1. Like most websites, our website uses cookies.
  2. A cookie is a small file of data (letters and numbers) that we put on your computer, if you agree.
  3. Cookies come in different types. Some are placed there by us and communicate with us only, and some are “third party” and are placed by / communicate with third parties. Cookies also do various things. For example, some enable us to distinguish you from other users of the website and help provide you with a good experience when visiting our site, as well as enabling us to improve our site. Others might communicate information about the use of our site to third parties… and so on.
  4. Here is a list of the cookies we use; whether they are third party, or some other type; and what they do:

    • Google Analytics cookies, and similar cookies of Bing and Yahoo! These use non-personally identifiable information to ascertain facts such as the number of visitors to our website, how they came to visit it, when they visit, how long they remain on the site, how they use the site, and which countries they are in. This allows us to see how our site is used, and how it might be improved.
  5. By accessing, using and / or continuing to use our website, you are consenting to the use of the cookies listed above. If you do not consent to their use, please do not continue to our site, or contact us. Further information about each of the cookies can be found here:
  6. You can enable or disable cookies by making the appropriate adjustments in your web-browser. Further information about cookies and how to manage them appears at

Data Protection And Privacy Policy

  1. This section describes how we will use information:

    • which we collect about you, when you access or use this website; and
    • which you submit to us, for example when placing an order, or sending us a message through our website or the contact details set out on it.
  2. When you access our website, you do not have to positively provide us with any information that identifies you personally. However, we do still collect information about your use. This includes the following:

    • any information obtained via cookies – please see our “Cookie Policy” for further details;
    • standard internet log information;
    • details of your and other visitors’ browsing, click, dwell, and other behaviour patterns;

    We do this to analyse how visitors (and other details, such as how many visitors, and from where) use our site generally, where from, how often, etc.Where we do this, we do not attempt to identify any user personally, either from that sort of data alone, or by combining it with other data.

  3. There may be times when you do provide us with information that personally identifies you. This might include, for example:

    • placing an order for or paying for goods through our site;
    • making an enquiry;
    • making a complaint;
    • sending us some other information about yourself, such as the size, fit or other feature of the product(s) you are interested in.
  4. All such data may be added to our databases of personal and non-personal information. However, we will not hold such data for longer than is reasonably necessary for its purposes.
  5. We use our database of personal (and non-personal) information for various purposes. This may include, from time to time:

    • using non-personal information to analyse the usage of our site (as outlined above);
    • using personal information to fulfil an order, deal with payments, deal with enquiries or complaints, or deal with other information about you that you send us (again, as outlined above); we may also use your personal information to help us serve you better in terms of any orders or business you place with us, such as remembering the goods or services you have previously bought, your particular requirements (sizing, colours, etc), and where you are in your ordering process with us;
    • contacting you (by email or otherwise) in relation to our goods, services or events which we consider may be of interest to you or your business, or for customer care and general newsletter purposes. We may also share your non-personal and personal information for those purposes with our group companies within the EU.
  6. Please note that by accessing, using and/or continuing to use our site and access its content, you consent to our collection and use of non personal and your personal information in accordance with the above.
  7. owever, please be assured that at all times, we will use all non-personal information only as outlined above, and will use all personal information only for the purpose for which you submit it to us, and as outlined above (for example, for us or our EU group companies to contact you). Should you not wish your information to be used in this way, or if you wish to be removed from our database or see any of the personal information we hold concerning you, please contact us. We do not share your personal information with any other business, company or person, unless of course you expressly authorise us to do so.

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