Don’t worry about defining the iJ.intermediate_s7 Lady as a jacket or a jersey. Deliberately conceived in a category of its own, this piece is way too fast to be a jacket and more protective than any jersey. It’s ASSOS apparel innovation at its best. One side of the iJ.intermediate_s7 Lady’s unique personality is realised through the use of our own stratagonUltra milleRighe material. This remarkable lightweight textile is wind blocking, water resistant and thermo-responsive - it means the front panel of this long-sleeve cycling top makes short work of both sweat and showers. Other exposed body parts are similarly looked after, with a windproof collar and thermal shoulders. The other side of the iJ.intermediate_s7 Lady is clear from the moment it is put on. Its compressive racingFit form is optimised for your body in a riding position. The cuffs fit snugly with a pressure-free WristWrap design; the full length zip has a draft flap to minimise drag. Whatever you call it, this confoundingly versatile cycling top is sure to be an ASSOS jersey you return to again and again.
racingFit: A fit that is is tighter and slightly more compressive than our alternative regularFit and comfortFit options. May feel restrictive out of of the riding position but feels like a second skin while riding and results in higher performance with improved comfort and less drag. stratagonUltra milleRighe: Technologically advanced ASSOS exclusive fabric; this is a thermo-response membrane designed to keep the rider dry when they sweat and protect them when it rains. Consists of a two layer memoryFoil shield composite that is water impermeable and responds to conditions with a flexible barrier function. Craq: Flat knit fabric with 4-way stretch. Contours to the body for ideal fit and reduced drag. Stabilizator S5 Knit: Low volume yet strong material used on the side panels and rear that helps the garment maintain stability and alignment. Allows for fast evaporative cooling in crucial areas plus has odorControl and antibacterial properties. Sens Heavy Tex: Maximum comfort material, used here to hone the feel of the cuffs. Refined collar: New collar design using a raw-cut edge to improve fit and feel. Raglan cut sleeves: Sleeves that are integrated all the way into the shirt rather than just attaching at the shoulder. Offers maximum freedom of movement and a slick, flowing fit. Women’s specific pocket construction: gender insight led redesign of pocket construction and alignment to improve ergonomics. Enhanced safety: Added reflective visibility features for alerting other road users to your presence, incorporated without detracting from aesthetics. Composition: 79% PL, 10% PA, 6% PU, 5% EA

Composition: 79%PES 10%PA 6%PU 5%EA