MET Trenta MIPS JINGO RS Helmet - CE

2.029,00 DKK
A road cycling helmet developed on the MET Trenta platform that refuses to compromise on any key criteria: weight, comfort, speed, and safety.


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Behind the product
Low weight, high ventilation, outstanding aerodynamics—pick three, then add industry-leading technology that’s proven to reduce the risk of concussions in certain impacts. Despite the focus on safety, the helmet’s primary design function is racing in summer’s heat, so the body and vents are informed by NACA research to pull cooling air into the helmet, draw it across the head, and expel it through the rear vents while actually decreasing drag.

Technology overview

The finer details


The polycarbonate shell and EPS foam body are constructed in compliance with CE EN 1078 certification.

MIPS-C2: Developed to reduce risk of concussion, the helmet’s shell floats 10-15mm independently of the lining, diffusing the rotational or “sloshing” forces created during certain impacts at oblique angles.