ASSOSOIRES Recovery Socks

239,00 kr
A recovery and triathlon sock with medical grade compression and the signature ASSOS blend of fit and comfort.



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Behind the product
Why we made it
Circulation is key to endurance athletics, and these are the only socks in our line with medically rated compression to promote circulation during exercise and recovery. The compressive pressure gradually decreases as it moves up the leg, keeping the blood moving from extremities back to the central pump.

Technology overview

The finer details


InfraRed Yarns are silky smooth and highly elastic. At 22mmHg, the material rates as 2nd class medical compression.

A 240-needle construction eliminates seams to wrap foot, ankle, and calf in friction-free, compressive comfort.

Mesh Arch: Though it’s not medically graded compression, the firm band circling the foot offers noticeable arch support and cooling.