System Summer: UMA GTV

The pinnacle of endurance equipment. Silky-smooth compression, frictionless body-wrapping constructions, and the freedom of quick-release bib straps. Unlock possible.

Bib Shorts

UMA GTV Bib Shorts C2

240,00 EUR
A new solution for women’s cycling: comfortable, performance-tuned bib shorts that allow natural breaks without removing jerseys, vests, or shells.
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Cycling Jersey

UMA GTV Jersey C2

190,00 EUR
A superlative regularFit jersey incorporating our most advanced technical innovations, setting a new standard for premium comfort in our female-specific equipment range.
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Women’s Summer NS Skin Layer

60,00 EUR
An ultralight sleeveless base layer featuring a seamless design, female-specific construction, and carbon and polypropylene yarns, the Women’s Summer NS Skin Layer keeps your core dry and cool during the hottest rides of the year.
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Cycling Cap


25,00 EUR
A classic cycling cap with premium embellishments—the intersection of tradition and innovation.
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Cycling Glove

GT Gloves C2

50,00 EUR
A cooling, breathable glove for endurance cycling in hot conditions. Reduced weight proves that “comfortable” and “ultralight” aren’t mutually exclusive.
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Cycling Socks

Essence Socks High - Twin Pack

28,00 EUR
Our most minimal, essential cycling sock, built to wick moisture, dry fast, and maintain cooling airflow across the foot. Now available in two cuff heights.
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Zegho G2 - Interceptor Black

420,00 EUR
As the bright-light model in our updated Zegho line, the Interceptor Black Zegho G2 expands on the functional qualities that made the original a cycling staple and preserves the styling that made it an icon.
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