FW23 System: MILLE GT Ultraz Winter

The GT Ultraz Winter (3/3) System is designed to deliver maximum thermal warmth and winterproof protection in the harshest riding conditions.


MILLE GT Ultraz Winter Jacket EVO

CHF. 359.00
CHF. 252.00
The ultimate solution for the harshest winter conditions. Our all-new Ultraz EVO is armed with an arsenal of our most protective NEOS textiles to keep your body as warm, dry, and shielded as possible in the most demanding weather.
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Cycling Bib Tights

MILLE GT Ultraz Winter Bib Tights

CHF. 299.00
CHF. 240.00
Our warmest, most protective regularFit bib tights, engineered to ensure no amount of weather interrupts your winter program.
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Ultraz Winter LS Skin Layer

CHF. 129.00
CHF. 91.00
Maximum thermal protection and body-mapped comfort in a long-sleeved base layer, tuned for the coldest, most demanding winter riding conditions.
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Ultraz Winter Gloves

CHF. 119.00
Extreme, insulated protection for extreme weather, the Ultraz Glove is the ultimate platform for weatherproof cycling when time off the bike isn’t an option.
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Ultraz Winter Socks EVO

CHF. 25.00
An extremely warm winter sock, updated with triple the insulation in key areas.
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GT Ultraz Winter Booties

CHF. 109.00
CHF. 77.00
The GT Ultraz Winter Booties are constructed with our dual-layer twinDeck textile construction for maximum insulation and weather protection in the harshest winter conditions.
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Ultraz Winter Face Mask

CHF. 95.00
CHF. 67.00
Our most extreme option for winter protection for your neck, face, and head.
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DONZI Eyewear - Chrome

CHF. 239.00
A new eyewear platform that sharpens colors and reduces glare while providing 100% UV protection. Vents for cooling airflow and a large coverage area make the DONZI ideal for high-intensity riding in aggressive racing positions.
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