FW23 System: MILLE GT Spring Fall

The entrance to the ASSOS endurance series, GT Spring/Fall (2/3) is defined by its 360-degree, breathable insulation and streamlined regular fits.


MILLE GT Spring Fall LS Jersey C2

CHF. 185.00
Thermoregulation for endurance riding in cool conditions, reengineered with increased insulation and a less restrictive, more layerable construction.
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MILLE GTS Spring Fall Bib Shorts C2

CHF. 229.00
Lightly insulated, breathable bib shorts that repel water. Designed for long-distance riding in the cool, damp, and variable conditions of Spring and Fall.
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Spring Fall SS Skin Layer

CHF. 89.00
A medium-weight, short-sleeve base layer tuned to keep your core lightly insulated and dry in cool conditions.
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Spring Fall Gloves EVO

CHF. 75.00
Mid-level insulation for cool weather, updated with better durability and more responsive padding that doesn’t erase bar feel.
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Spring Fall Socks EVO

CHF. 21.00
Lightly insulated socks for the cool conditions of early spring and late fall, evolved with softer yarns and a higher cuff.
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Spring Fall Toe Cover EVO

CHF. 47.00
The classic toe cover, updated with a new, more protective textile and increased length for more protection and better fit security.
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Leg Warmer

GT Spring Fall Leg Warmers

CHF. 79.00
An update to the classic leg warmer, featuring the return of our anatomical cut and our most pedal-friendly thermal material for dry, cool conditions.
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DONZI Eyewear - Chrome

CHF. 239.00
A new eyewear platform that sharpens colors and reduces glare while providing 100% UV protection. Vents for cooling airflow and a large coverage area make the DONZI ideal for high-intensity riding in aggressive racing positions.
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