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Effective UV protection for high octane or high altitude riding




54% PA, 36% PES, 10% EA

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Pro cyclists shouldn’t be the _x000D_only riders to be acutely conscious of the sun’s harmful rays. Most of us could _x000D_do with a re-education. That’s why we’ve designed these ultra lightweight, high _x000D_performance armProtectors. With ASSOS standards of performance, these cycling _x000D_arm protectors are designed to do the hard work, while your legs do the leg _x000D_work.

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Crafted with an ultra-luxe _x000D_fabric with built-in high UV protection, the ASSOS cycling arm sleeves give sun _x000D_protection without compromising on breathability. Borrowing moisture management _x000D_technology from proven ASSOS equipment, these sleeves for bike riding deftly _x000D_wick sweat during your ride – regardless of how high-octane your effort, or how _x000D_high altitude you are.