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Innovative bib shorts that bring the full benefits of our five-year S7 design cycle to women cyclists. Tailored specifically for training and endurance cycling, but more than capable of taking the start line.

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Behind the product
For our first female-specific S7 bib shorts, we engineered a solution that adapts the support and comfort of bib shorts for women cyclists. The T.laaLalaiShorts feature the same paneling and materials as their bib-free H.laaLalai counterparts; however, instead of a waistband, these shorts connect our Y7 frame carrier bibTech straps to a single monobib in the front, which is in turn secured by the innovative Schnalle magnetic clasp. The shorts’ bodies are less obviously innovative but no less effective, featuring a minimal seam count and a durable, breathable material that wraps your muscles in cooling comfort.

Technology overview

The finer details


Our Type.439 Diadem has different stretch qualities depending on orientation, letting us arrange paneling for a fit that wraps muscles rather than pulling across them. The material is durable enough to ensure you’ll be taking advantage of its breathability for seasons to come.

Built for comfort rather than setting PRs, our regularFit is less aggressive than our competitive aeroFit and racingFit. This fit promotes comfort on long training rides, reducing the potential obstacles between you and a successful season.