Cycling Bib Tights

MILLE GT Winter Bib Tights no Insert

CAD 220.00
CAD 154.00
Full-length coverage and flexible-insulation bib tights, available without an insert for added versatility and support in challenging winter riding conditions.

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Behind the product
Warmth, flexibility, protection, and support topped our list of must-haves when we began developing the Winter Bib Tights, and each attribute needed to pair with our refined, low-bulk regularFit platform. Without an insert, you can continue wearing your perfectly broken-in bib shorts underneath, which also add extra insulation. We made them lightly compressive where they need to be, but not as tight as our racingFit design. We’ve pre-shaped and sewn the fabric panels to fully wrap and support the upper leg muscles, knees, and calves while in motion, where they flex with each pedal stroke.

Technology overview

The finer details


RX Heavy makes up the majority of the paneling. This brushed warp-knit fabric is a beefed-up version of our workhorse RX-featuring an ECO water-repellent treatment for further protection from light precipitation. Its lighter weight sibling, RX Light, is an asymmetrical-stretch warp-knit fabric that provides light insulation and boosts comfort in high-flex areas.

The bib tights’ fabric technology ensures that your pelvis and legs stay shielded from biting winds and cold air, while the backs benefit from added breathability in this high-flex zone. The fit falls into our regularFit category, optimized for total comfort in the riding position, and with a more relaxed cut than our second skin racingFit.

Y7 Frame Carrier Bib Tech:Wide, flexible bib straps converge at the upper back in a Y-shape design, resulting in a flat, stable structure that disappears between the shoulder blades.

Stabilizator V3:Dorsal stabilizer in a solid mesh with limited vertical stretch. Includes MILLE GT line graphics and climaCode.

Reflective Bands:Placed on the backs of the calves for added visibility.