FF_1 RSR Bib Shorts

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A platform that’s proven itself in the world’s toughest races, complete with our highly compressive textiles and ultra-breathable Krater Ventilated ins

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Behind the product
The FF_1 RSR Bib Shorts merge our compressive textiles, refined race insert, and trusted aerodynamic patterning to create a special short that's only available in this collection. To start, they rely on our all-new Type.701kompressor-the successor to the lauded S7 Campionissimo kompressor-which is a complex woven textile that delivers on all fronts using ultrathin yarns with super-high elasticity, yielding a near-frictionless weave that provides you with incredible comfort and muscle support. In other words, Type.701 becomes your second skin, delivering phenomenal structural hold, breathability, and a silky smooth, uninterrupted wrap along the low back and thighs. For the insert, we incorporated our race-proven EQUIPE EVO, equipped with 8mm of memory foam, a black 3D waffle topsheet, and our unique kraterCooler system to boost breathability. The back panel is constructed using our acclaimed Y7 Frame Carrier design and Stabilizator mesh, resulting in a flat, stable structure that disappears between the shoulder blades for a smooth, supportive hold. At the front, our zeroWaist ensures the cleanest and most comfortable transition between the abdominals and the front fabric panel possible, made using a raw cut with tape reinforcement.

Technology overview

The finer details

Type.701kompressor: A patented woven textile developed specifically for compressive hold and second-skin comfort. 160g/m2, UPF 50+, dyed-through yarns with infused odorControl, maximum abrasion-resistance, friction reduction, hydrophobicity, and heat management. Tuned elongation in front panel for added comfort.
Y7 Frame Carrier Bib Tech: Wide, flexible bib straps converge at the upper back in a Y-shape design, resulting in a flat, stable structure that disappears between the shoulder blades.