DONZI Eyewear - FotoDynamic

CAD 365.00
A new eyewear platform that sharpens colors and reduces glare while providing 100% UV protection. Vents for cooling airflow and a large coverage area make the DONZI ideal for high-intensity riding in aggressive racing positions.


Frame: Grilamid nylon TR90, Lenses: polycarbonate, Rubber parts: megol, Logo: nichel, Terminal + Nose: inox steel

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Behind the product
In addition to providing UV protection, the DONZI’s oleophobic and water-repellent qualities reduce impediments from fingerprints, sweat, and road spray, preserving visual clarity in changing terrain and shifting conditions. The addition of kraterCooler tech, styled after our signature Ellipsis logo, increases cooling airflow across your brow and provides anti-fog ventilation. The frame is comfortably secured by an adjustable nose pad and temple construction, and the lens is equal to the abuse of road, trail, and gravel riding. Compatible with our Optical Clip for prescription inserts. EU declaration of conformity.

Technology overview

The finer details


Adjustable nose pads and temples provide customized, secure comfort. The frame and lens bounce back rather than shattering from impacts.

A single-piece polycarbonate lens that actively adjusts to variable light conditions, ranging from a Visible Light Transmission of 74% in darker conditions to 15% in strong sunlight and bright conditions. Enhances contrast to highlight changes in texture, road imperfections, and trail obstacles.