Incredibly light and supremely comfortable, these cycling boxer shorts are designed to be worn under shorts or trousers on commutes and short rides. Using a dual-fabric construction to maximise comfort and performance, the area around the crotch and abdomen features a lighter weight, breathable material, whilst on the legs a more durable, knit fabric is used. The external, slimmed down, insert is subtle enough to feel barely there, yet still eliminates the chafing that results from wearing normal underwear on bike and external seams ensure rubbing is never an issue. Silicon grippers on the legs and waist maintain shape and keep the boxers in place, and a wide, soft elasticised waist panel provides a supremely comfortable fit. Add GTASSOS boxers to your wardrobe and give yourself a little extra comfort on your commute.
● Thin, external pad. ● Dual-fabric construction. ● Silicone grippers on legs and waist. ● Soft, elasticised waist panel for stability and comfort. ● External seams to prevent chafing.
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    High-performance, technical urban cycling shorts for summertime city riding and casual wear.

  • GTA


    A lightweight and breathable casual cycling jersey that brings style and performance to your warm weather commute and your workday wardrobe.

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