Built to the specifications requested by BMC Racing Team riders, this technical team-issue jersey is what riders zip into during the warmer race days. We’ve worked closely with these athletes to further refine their 2018 short-sleeve jerseys, and the result has brought us to what you see here: a superlight aerodynamic jersey that addresses the minute fit and comfort details that become noticed only after countless hours in the saddle.

We landed on our airy miniCheck Tex for the front panel, which is a highly elastic 3D knit fabric that’s been specifically developed with breathability in mind. At the rear, we’ve incorporated our Dribbling textile, which stabilizes the jersey with its limited vertical-stretch composition, especially when the pockets are loaded up. The aggressive in-saddle position these riders take also informed our material choice for the arms, dropped collar, rear shoulder panel, and pockets, which needed to be as buttery smooth and flexible as possible. Our fine-gauge warp knit Push Pull textile was just the ticket, providing high UV protection (UPF 50+) along with its quick-drying, bi-stretch properties.
racingFit: A fit that is tighter and slightly more compressive than our alternative regularFit and comfortFit options. It may feel restrictive out of the riding position but feels like a second skin while riding, resulting in improved comfort and less drag.

miniCheck Tex: Open 3D knit fabric that has truly exceptional breathability. Quick drying and super light. UPF25 despite weighing so little. Built-in odorControl for durability and hygiene.

Push Pull: The sleeves and collar consist of our ASSOS-developed Push Pull warp-knit textile with high UV protection (UPF50+). Highly breathable, this fine gauge knit with bi-stretch is quick drying and very comfortable.

Dribbling: Featherweight but strong material, perfect for creating a cooling panel on the back of the cycling jersey. Maintains stability and alignment—and has UPF30—despite its minimal weight and volume.

V-neck collar construction: A statement lower cut around the neck, which achieves an ideal fit when in the racing position. 3 x ASSOS standard pockets.

Stabilizer: A 2-way stretch material with minimal give on the vertical axis. Selected to produce stable, high capacity pockets that won’t sag.

Full-length zipper: A slim central fastener allowing full personal adjustment to temperature and exertion.


    Élaborée en partenariat avec les coureurs de l'équipe BMC Racing, cette dernière incarnation du cuissard T Equipe est dotée d'un plus grand confort et laisse mieux respirer votre peau grâce à un motif de couture spécifique et un nouveau matériau élastique au niveau de la jambe.


    NS.skinFoil Ultra Light

    Élément crucial de votre tenue estivale de cyclisme, ce sous-vêtement skinFoil sans manches se porte à même la peau lors des journées les plus chaudes de l'année et a été repensé pour répondre aux exigences des cyclistes de l'équipe BMC Racing.


    summersocks BMC

    Des performances de pro sous la forme de chaussettes d'été essentielles, issues de la garde-robe de l'équipe BMC Racing.


    summerCap BMC

    Ce sous-casque rouge et noir inimitable arbore les couleurs officielles de l'équipe BMC Racing.

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