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Made by ASSOS

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What does “Made by ASSOS” mean?

Every aspect of the product - from creation to production - is defined at the Headquarters in Switzerland. It is here, in our home, the ASSOS competence center that each product comes to life.

ASSOS is located outside of Lugano, in the Swiss canton called Ticino. This lovely stretch of land can be described as a network hub or central point in Europe. A place that has maintained tradition for first class textile engineering. A location where cycling enthusiasm and material research meet and melt into advanced technology. At the competence center in San Pietro di Stabio - Switzerland, ASSOS employs 47 highly qualified individuals who create the product and establish its production process.

At ASSOS, we believe in total product competence. This means that we research and make available the best components worldwide in order to bring you the optimum in function and comfort.

The physical assembly, hence sewing, of the ASSOS products is just the first step of many in the manufacturing process and only accounts for approximately 20% of the garment\'s value. Fact is that it becomes always harder to recruit skilled and motivated people in Switzerland to sit behind a sewing machine for 8 hours a day to execute perfectly straight and clean stitches. Nevertheless, ASSOS is determined to give you the best in stitching technology as well. ASSOS is committed to find, instruct and employ such talents mainly in Europe, regardless of cost. ASSOS wholly or partially owns exclusive manufacturing assembly plants in Slovenia, Greece and Bulgaria, as well as Switzerland.

ASSOS focuses on the “made by” rather than on the “made in”. The “made in” only indicates the place where the assembly takes place. It does not say anything about the quality of the product, about the production standards or about the love & care. On the contrary, “made by ASSOS” is our - and your - guarantee that your precious
ASSOS product has been manufactured and assembled the way it deserves, throughout the entire production process, respecting the ASSOS standards.

Research & development, conception, design, prototyping, testing and quality-control take place where our home & heart is (Switzerland) and assembly takes place where the most skilled hands are – both controlled from, and serving, the central brain.

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