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Given its high-tech nature, special care is needed when wearing, storing and washing ASSOS apparel. In order to maximize the products' performance and its longevity, we recommend following these simple guidelines:

  • When dressing or undressing do not pull on fabrics and seams. To do so, dress and undress, step-by-step.
  • Before starting the ride, get in the riding position and gently adjust the garments’ position (seams, insert, etc.).
  • ASSOS shorts are tailored for the riding-position. It is therefore normal that the bibs pull on the shoulders when standing upright. If this is not the case, use a smaller size.
  • Avoid pulling on the shorts when urinating (men only); slightly bend over to minimize stress on the seams of the bibs.
  • When riding under pressure (e. g. climbing) the body sweats more. In such cases, improve ventilation by playing with the front zipper to help keeping body temperature stable.

Chamois Crème

In order to further increase riding comfort, we recommend the use of ASSOS Chamois Crème. The ASSOS Chamois Crème reduces friction and keeps your skin cooler. It prevents inflammation and has antibacterial properties. Apply directly on the skin (avoid intimate areas) before each ride. Furthermore, after every laundering, apply a thin layer onto the shorts' insert. This to maintain suppleness, elasticity and antibacterial properties. Used by many professionals regardless of the brand of their shorts. ASSOS Chamois Crème – simply a must. Don't leave home without it!

Chamois Crème Material safety data sheet [PDF 220 KB]

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