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Perfect World

In the real world, there are 50 million cyclists, but only a very few can join Manga.Yio. Qualify yourself & join!

In the course of a man's life (lady's too), he (she) reaches various levels and hopefully passes onto the next. The higher the level, the more difficult it gets to move up:

Level 0 birth
Level 1 party, party
Level 2 sex
Level 3 show time
Level 4 knowledge

Then, the privileged ones, move on to
Level 5 wisdom

For normal people, that is the top level of life. But, a selected few cyclists go on and explore the ultimate dimension of inner-balance:


The understanding that a "little thing" called riding your bicycle is the key to personal fulfilment and well-being!

  • Living a luxury life does not require millions.
  • It's not about lifestyle, it's about health status.
  • Details don't matter anymore.
  • A world ruled by concentrated, pure emotions.
  • An environment reduced to the essence.
  • Communication without talking.
  • No interferences, no hold ups; everything tuned to your personal frequency.
  • And whatever you do, it just feels perfect.

Manga.Yio – where YOU determine the pace of the ride. Fit the profile & join.
ASSOS welcomes you!

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